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When you’re ready to work with people who will deliver web content that engages your customers, talks through and solves your challenges and problems, responds and communicates with you quickly so you can keep your operation moving, you’re ready to talk to Blue Million.

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First Impressions Matter

People judge your website the moment they visit your website, which means you can lose them just as fast as you gain them. What message does your website currently send?  Is it something that reflects your brand or the way you want people to view you?

Due to poor design, you’ve likely already lost

75% of customers

of customers

How do you think people respond to a poor experience?

88% of viewers won’t return

of viewers won’t return

we are ready to help you

We’ve got you covered!

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Digital Marketing

There are a lot of ways to promote your business online. Which is best? We will show you with statistics which will work best for your business. From Influencers to Google Ads and everything in between.

Website Development & Design

We’ll bring you designs that pop and puts you ahead of your peers. We’ll give you the strongest layouts for mobile, frequent, and understandable audience reports, plus the world’s best platforms for updating and maintaining your site.

Top Ranking in Google Search (SEO)

What makes some sites rank higher than others? It’s not a mystery. We’ll show you the stats and show you how to rank as high the list as possible.

Management & Support

We monitor your site to prevent loss of functionality and we provide rapid response for any issue. Our security process also elevates protection several levels above common providers.

ECommerce Management

Whether you sell a few products or a thousand, we have the capacity to build your online store on the world’s best platforms. From payment integration to customer interfaces, and every marketing tool imaginable, we make a powerful partner for online sales.

Digital Media Changes Quickly

Blue Million will keep you at the cutting edge of design and marketing techniques to keep your online presence working at the highest possible level.


The Blue Million promise

Technology is broad and complex. You’ll work with Blue Million team members with specific skills to bring your goals to life.

Collaborative Team

We pride ourselves on having a small, yet skilled team who thrives with loyalty and integrity. We believe collaboration is key to innovating successful strategies.

Priority Communication

Exceptional customer service starts the moment we connect. From an initial consult to post-launch support, we will be there every step of the way!

Proven Results

When you succeed, we succeed. With mentions in The Wall Street Journal, our clients trust us to help them achieve and succeed their goal.

Fueled by creativity, driven by results

At Blue Million, we want to make you look like (and achieve) a million-dollar business! Here’s how we’ll get you there:

Don’t just
listen to us.

See what our clients are saying.

“Skilled professionals who will find solutions for your social & digital business opportunities. Experienced and results driven.”
Sam Dunn, Wrangler Network & Prime Valley

“I have had numerous opportunities to see the Blue Million team at work. Their video production and live-streaming services and management are impeccable. They have a great creative team for website and design management as well. The team is as skilled and professional as they come. I would highly recommend them for any digital marketing needs.”

David Kravetz, Paramount
“I have used Tim and his team at Blue Million as a referral for website design and development for many of my clients. They are professional and do excellent work. I have worked with Tim for years, and will continue to trust Blue Million to build websites for my clients in the future. Highly recommended!”
Holly Lewis, RevLocal