Meet a Blue Millionaire: Alyssa Ball

This is apart of our series of introductions to the Blue Million team, the “Blue Millionaires”.

Alyssa Ball: Production Manager

For every Blue Million client, Alyssa Ball selects a dream team to conceive, design, strategize, and build the perfect solution. She’s our Production Manager and if you can imagine someone with a clipboard and megaphone directing creatives and techies this way and that, you have an idea of what she does.

She takes our projects from A to Z making sure the right team member is on the job each step of the way. She’s also the world’s best Zoom tutor for clients needing some guidance.

Alyssa is a Dunbar Bulldog, a Morehead State Eagle, and lives in Lexington with her husband Kyler and dog Rudy. She’s a former soccer player, now dedicated to her Orange Theory workouts. She enjoys crime podcasts and watching Barstool Sports’ One Bite Pizza reviews with Kyler every night after dinner.