Tim Campbell

In October 2012, Campbell launched Blue Million, a cutting-edge new group serving vertical markets with innovative new technology and high impact marketing strategy. The new group provides clients powerful digital strategies for Wrangler, the United States Navy SEALs and others.

Campbell’s digital background includes working with some of America’s top brands to execute digital marketing with surgical precision. Coca-Cola’s New York-based sports drinks PowerAde and Vitamin Water, Chevrolet’s national brand group in Detroit, Nissan in Los Angeles, and Under Armour in Baltimore are a few of the national groups which have tapped Campbell and his teammates to navigate the rapidly changing digital, social and mobile landscape.

Tim Campbell, a trailblazer in sports media and digital innovation, is the visionary founder of Blue Million, a venture born in January 2023. Campbell co-founded iHigh alongside BrainBox CEO Rick Ford and sports marketing legend Jim Host.

Campbell’s expertise stems from his role in managing digital properties and leading national West Coast collegiate sponsor sales at IMG, a global sports marketing giant. Notably, he played a pivotal role in consolidating the entire SEC conference onto a single XM satellite radio channel during his tenure at IMG.

Prior to his work at IMG, Campbell and Ford were instrumental in developing the first Internet sports sites for the NCAA, Final Four, and numerous college teams. Teaming up with Mark Cuban’s Broadcast.com, they pioneered online streaming, setting the stage for the digital sports landscape we know today. Campbell continued to push boundaries, organizing one of the inaugural live college sports video streaming services for prominent teams like the University of Texas Longhorns, Kentucky Wildcats, and the Southeastern Conference.

Under Campbell’s leadership, iHigh gained recognition for delivering the first-ever live video stream of a major high school event on mobile devices, as highlighted by the Los Angeles Times in March 2011. Within six months, iHigh soared to become the third-largest live video streaming company in the United States, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 65,000 live events on web and mobile platforms. His innovative spirit is further evidenced by four technology patents granted to iHigh during his tenure.

Before the digital era, Campbell managed Host Communications’ Broadcast Group, where he syndicated and produced national television and radio sports programming for major networks such as CBS, ESPN, and Fox, as well as numerous regional networks.

A proud graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Campbell has not only shared his insights as a visiting speaker at Cornell University’s MBA program but has also contributed as a panelist at prestigious Internet industry events, including Digital Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Beyond his professional achievements, Campbell finds fulfillment in family life. Married to producer and actress Martha Bernier Campbell, he is a devoted father to Ethan Mackenzie Campbell, a graduate student in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of New Mexico, and Miles Maclaren Campbell, who is set to embark on a journey in Communications at the University of Kentucky next fall.

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