We are working remotely but fully available

Blue Million is staffed and open during the current COVID-19 response. The nature of our business is largely cloud-based, so we have been operating remotely for the past week with no issues. You should have no trouble if you need our help.

Many of our clients have asked for assistance in posting special COVID-19 messages on the web or social regarding their hours and availability. That assistance is available to you should you need it. Know that our staff is available and you may use our support@bluemillion.com email to send requests.

Here’s a quick checklist you may want to reference as you communicate how the public interacts with you during these extraordinary times. Some information may be health or office-specific, but many clients also want to make sure the public knows they are operating during the pandemic:

  • Web: Do you need to communicate special hours or office/retail notices? Many of our clients are posting a “red bar” with a link to a special information page. Our medical clients have very specific information, but every business and organization has made some changes in the way they interact with the public.

  • External ads: Are your ads communicating anything that would not be relevant at the moment?

  • Social: Do you need to post something specific?

  • Google My Business: Many people find your office hours or contact info on Google My Business and Google Maps. Do you need to update?

  • Email: Do any changes warrant an email blast to your clients?

  • Other: Is there anything pro-active you might need to do otherwise?

We are here to help should you need.